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Local train from Hanoi to Hai Phong

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Passenger trains between Hanoi and Hai Phong city can be a challenge for your patience, but there are many adventures en route.

Trains from Hanoi to Hai Phong goes from Hanoi Ga B .
My journey by train from Hanoi to Hai Phong began a Sunday morning, when I bought my ticket at Hanois Station, Ga Hanoi. It is nessesary to buy tickets in advance since trains are often sold out. Especially if you want a postret seat or 1 class ticket with air conditioning.

I had previously given me a ticket at 3 class to get experience with my Vietnamese local passengeres.




At the station area there were several trains ready. Hanoi has traffic to China via 2 different lines, Hai Phong, Halong and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Passengers are walking around between the trains to find there train. There is no free access to platform like yet there are very many people and it must entail casualties.




It took me some time to find my train because no one were  talking other than Vietnamese, but finally I was sure of what I took was right. Vehicle numbers and spaces were clearly marked and I took my seat.

The train consisted of several types of wagons. First and foremost green 3th. class carriages with hardsits, a single car with air conition, a couple of baggage wagons and a wagon with an electricity generator. The train was hauled by a tjekisk built diesel powered locomotive, built by CKD Praha.

Many of the wagons had open end platforms.



The train is a part probaganda for railways importance to the Vietnamese people.

There are many staff on the train. Besides the conductor and train guard there are staff in luggage trolleys and there is also a major of food to the passengeres.

When the train to Hai phong were leaving the station it was crossing many streets at cross-leavels. This means that traffic in Hanoi stalls every time a train leaves the station. At each cross, several  level-crossing keepers are extremely authorities radiation controls traffic. It is not every time, easy for mopeds are running over the tracks until they are physically cut off. They do not respect the flag, lights, bells, locomotive enormous horns, level-crossing keepers instructions  and other warnings. Between crossing streets running the trains pass between homes located right by the tracks.


Shortly after the train station begins a Recovery high-rise to go up in leavel with the Long Bien Bridge, the bridge over the Read River. To cope with the increase pushes a small shunting engine behind the train.

Shortly before passage of the Long Bien Bridge, we arrive to the Ga Long Bien. A station with a narrow platform. When we leave the station, we cross the Long Bien Bridge. I will in another article tell the amazing story of this bridge.


The first station is Ga Gia Lam. Her return the shunting engine that has pushed us up the Long Bien Bridge.

The station is in addition to the narrow gaug also with Normal gauge tracks as used in China. The link from the Chinese border frequented by narrow Vietnamese trains with normal track Chinese cars.


A train trip is also what you see when you looks at the landscape. Train withdrawal from Hanoi to Hai Phong goes through the delta to the Red River. 

When I drove the trip was the harvest of paddy fields. Many worked hard to harvest rice with sail and liftibg yoke. There was only manual work, no machinery for the harvest.

In Delta, there are many brick works and the path goes over an area with many very small brick kilns.


Many passengers had luggage with. The most common is a bike, but many are on their way to market to sell their products.

At each station, there was much bustle in handles packages, bicycles, bags and what they in fact can find to take on the journey.

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